My purpose  in running for 3rd District Steele Co. Commissioner is to get our taxes back to

a manageable level, to examine the county budget line by line to find ways to save the tax

payer money and to insure our county government is being run as efficiently as possible.

I believe in serious stewardship of our county government leaders for the monies they have

been entrusted with by each taxpayer.  

Every resident of Steele County is affected by our tax rates, whether they own property or

not.  Unnecessary government spending  can result in higher rents for both residential and

commercial tenants.   We are facing the possible building of a $12million +   highway county

building which will again increase the tax burden on Steele County residents.  The question

must be asked-- how much  more can the residents of Steele County be asked to shoulder?

There are homeowners who have seen their real estate taxes increase by over 50% just last

year alone.  The current county board of commissioners have been perceived as being

disconnected to the residents of our county, especially when approached at county board

meetings when these difficult subjects have been presented to them for specific answers.

We have a vacant nursing home facility which no longer brings in revenue and must still be

maintained. The county detention center is not meeting budget.   These are serious issues

which must be dealt with by the board of commissioners.  Three of the commissioners are

up for re-election after being on this board  for the past 4 years. Two of these

commissioners have been on the board for 8 years.   One of the commissioners, Mark Schultz,

who is up for re-election, has been on the board for 10 years.  This is the individual whom I

am challenging in this upcoming county election to be held in November at the general election. 

In that time, spending has continued to grow at an ever-increasing rate to the point, many

residents of Steele County have indicated to me they are paying real estate tax rates at an

unmanageable level; and it is affecting their family budgets in a serious and alarming way. 

I am convinced we can do a much better job of bringing the budget back to a reasonable level

for the people of Steele County if we get a board of commissioners who are more in touch with

how these unreasonable tax rates due to deficit spending are negatively impacting the folks

of Steele County who are being burdened unnecessarily.  In point of fact, the bleeding and deficit

spending must be stopped to avoid serious economic consequences for our county.

I believe we need engaged and proactive leaders who are more interested in keeping our

tax rates manageable for our citizens and intent on providing a county budget which is more

accountable, transparent, and easier for the Steele County residents to understand.  I will listen

to your concerns; and I will do my best to find solutions & answers as much as possible.  Your

vote of confidence is needed to make the much needed changes in our county board.  The county

budget needs to be brought in line with what the people of Steele County can afford.  Please share

this message with others and we will see you at the general election in November!

  • God First 
  • Family Priorities
  • Service to Others.
  • Integrity of Character. 
  • Honest Work Ethics a Must.
  • The Rule of Law
  • Love of Country, State & County.

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My Values 







"Be more concerned with your character

than your reputation, because your character is what you really are,  while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

                                --John Wooden

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